Tommy Pi’s first project was founded in 2003 by Tomonari Nagaoka aka Planet Hill and Tommy Pi himself.

Tomonari is very talented producer from Japan who already has signed a record contract with the german Label Spacepark Records. Watch out for his singles under the Planet Hill disguise.
Tomonari & Tommy Pi started to produce their first track in April/May 2003 and first they put their hands on the very classic tune
“The Quest – C Sharp” which is one of Tommy’s alltime favourites.
The feedback the two young guys got was really positive and so they decided to send the tracks to some well known DJ’s.
One of this DJ’s was Johan Gielen who played this track very soon in his Radio Show “Lift Off”.
You can imagine that for Tomonari & Tommy a little dream came true and so they decided to send the track out again, but this time to some record companies.
The german label Skywarp Records (managed by no one else than Alphazone) was interested in the track and so everything really started.
In March 2004 Tomonari’s & Tommy’s big dream became reality and they signed a contract with Skywarp.
Release: 07th of February 2005 [SKYWARP RECORDS]

Grab your copy now
– Chemical Records
– Web Records
– DJ Shop
– Dancegrooves
– Juno
– 4DJsOnly

CsharpCover2 CsharpCover3

The track is featured on the following compilations:

blackmagic dreamdance
dtrance highenergy

id&t_rank1 quake

snowman technicsdjset


C Sharp 2005 supported by

– Rank 1
– Markus Schulz
– Paul van Dyk
– Piet Blank
– Judge Jules
– Matt Darey
– Dave Pearce
– Johan Gielen
– Alphazone
– Giorgio Ponticelli
– Mike Shiver
– Timeok
– Tatana
– DJ Shog
– Dave 202
– DJ Snowman
– and many more
Big Thanks for making this possible:

– Tomonari, for being my partner and great friend
– Skywarp Records (Arne & Alex), for making the release possible
– Johan Gielen, for supporting C Sharp 2004 so much
– Blackhole Records & Benno de Goeij, for letting us do what we did
– Mike Shiver, Alphazone & Markus Schulz for remixing the track
– Rank 1 for taking the track on their Compilation
– Anybody else who loves the track and supports us

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